Past Actions

End the Yacht Party (VIDEO)

UPDATE: We successfully closed the Yacht Tax loophole back in 2008! Please take a look at other more recent actions here and and join us in creating more progressive change in California and across the country.

Meg Whitman stars in “I Should Have Voted...But I Didn’t.” (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Jerry Brown defeated Meg Whitman in November 2010. Hurray!

Darth Vader endorses Meg Whitman? Watch this funny video and join our progressive rebel alliance

Meg Whitman won the Republican nomination for governor because she had more endorsements from the dark side of American politics. Newt Gingrich, Pete Wilson, Condoleeza Rice, Rudy Giuliani, and other members of the right-wing empire came together to promote Meg Whitman as one of their own. Meg Whitman even received -- and celebrated -- the endorsement of a man whose name is synonymous with being a master of evil: Dick Cheney.

Thank Sen. Boxer and Sen. Feinstein for their support of the public option.

The battle for health care reform and the public option is about to reach a decisive stage. We must ensure that Senators Boxer and Feinstein continue their support of a strong public option. Sign the letter from the Courage Campaign urging them to take leadership in the Senate.

Understand Insurance “Jive” and Support Medicare for All (VIDEO)

Our television ad is not what you might expect. It's not traditional. Or typical. It's called "Insurance Jive" and it features a nurse (actor Beth Broderick of "Lost") who -- reminiscent of the Barbara Billingsley character in the 1980 movie "Airplane" -- translates insurance jargon for a hospital patient and her husband.

Tell the Los Angeles County Registrar to count all "Decline-to-State" votes

UPDATE: We won! All ballots cast were counted in the 2008 primary and the ballot design flaw was fixed permanently.