Past Actions

Tell President Obama: We have your back on 14th Amendment

The Republican Party is on track to drive our economy off the cliff over the debt negotiations. Rep. John Garamendi is sending an open letter to President Obama letting him know that progressives have his back if he chooses to invoke the 14th Amendment.

Save the American Dream and Raise the Debt Ceiling

The Republicans are holding the economy hostage over the debt ceiling. They're refusal to accept balanced deals that increase revenue and save vital services will let America default and create even more economic turmoil. Email your representative now and tell them to hold the line and raise the debt ceiling without cutting vital services.

Testify Against DOMA

On July 20th, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on Sen. Feinstein's Respect for Marriage Act, which would repeal the "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA). If you have a story about the damage DOMA has caused to you, your family or your community, tell it here.

Fighting Fracking in California

Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) is a process by which energy companies inject toxins into the ground to break up shale and release natural gas, polluting ground water sources. We teamed up with Democracy for America to tell the California legislature to support AB 591, which would require companies to disclose the poisons they’re putting into our water.

Let Kamala Harris Know We Have Her Back Against the Big Banks

Progressive organizations have come together and authored a letter detailing what needs to be included in any negotiations with the Big Banks. We have to show California Attorney General Kamala Harris how many of us will support her if she sticks to her guns and gets a fair settlement.

Call on Rep. Patrick McHenry to apologize

Rep. Patrick McHenry, who chairs the Oversight Subcommittee, outrageously attacked Professor Elizabeth Warren, the potential head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- charging her of lying under oath. It was grossly irresponsible, inflammatory and defaming in nature.

Demand Gov. Brown Support an Investigation into Kaiser's Mental Health Services

Whistleblowers have risked their careers to contribute to “Care Delayed, Care Denied,” a report describing an unmistakable pattern of illegal and deceptive practices in Kaiser's delivery of mental health services. (Read the full report here.)

Tell Sacramento: Pass AB 52 and Stop Unregulated Health Insurance Rate Hikes

UPDATE: Though we weren't able to pass AB 52 through the California Legislature in 2011, we worked with our friends at Consumer Watchdog to put something very similar on the ballot in 2014. Sign up on this page to receive updates when the time comes.

Califoria Closed, the Cost of the GOP Budget (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't governor anymore, Jerry Brown is! And thanks to Prop. 30, the California budget is now in MUCH better shape. Watch "California Closed" and then help stop the horrific budget deal that prioritizes oil company profits over children and the disabled. Tell California legislators to save lives and tax oil companies.

What’s an Arnoldbuck? (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't governor anymore, Jerry Brown is! And thanks to Prop. 30, the California budget is now in MUCH better shape. Caught on camera: The absurdity of Arnoldbucks

End the Yacht Party (VIDEO)

UPDATE: We successfully closed the Yacht Tax loophole back in 2008! Please take a look at other more recent actions here and and join us in creating more progressive change in California and across the country.

Meg Whitman stars in “I Should Have Voted...But I Didn’t.” (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Jerry Brown defeated Meg Whitman in November 2010. Hurray!

Darth Vader endorses Meg Whitman? Watch this funny video and join our progressive rebel alliance

Meg Whitman won the Republican nomination for governor because she had more endorsements from the dark side of American politics. Newt Gingrich, Pete Wilson, Condoleeza Rice, Rudy Giuliani, and other members of the right-wing empire came together to promote Meg Whitman as one of their own. Meg Whitman even received -- and celebrated -- the endorsement of a man whose name is synonymous with being a master of evil: Dick Cheney.

Thank Sen. Boxer and Sen. Feinstein for their support of the public option.

The battle for health care reform and the public option is about to reach a decisive stage. We must ensure that Senators Boxer and Feinstein continue their support of a strong public option. Sign the letter from the Courage Campaign urging them to take leadership in the Senate.

Understand Insurance “Jive” and Support Medicare for All (VIDEO)

Our television ad is not what you might expect. It's not traditional. Or typical. It's called "Insurance Jive" and it features a nurse (actor Beth Broderick of "Lost") who -- reminiscent of the Barbara Billingsley character in the 1980 movie "Airplane" -- translates insurance jargon for a hospital patient and her husband.