California Propositions & Legislation

Courage Campaign organizes for a more just and progressive California, one in which the California Dream is alive again, creating widespread and long-term prosperity for all its people without regard for race, creed, or sexual orientation. We support legislation and ballot propositions that would further these goals.

We fight Such a California might include: elite public education that once again offers pre-school to post-doc learning without regard to race or economic status; a health care system that serves everyone with compassion, efficiency and fairness; an efficient, vibrant, inventive, modern economy with a transportation system to match, accounting for true costs on and benefits to society and the environment; and a society where workers are treated with dignity and respect, where immigrants are welcomed, and people of all races, creeds and sexual orientations are treated equally.

Current Actions

Announcing the Big Oil Beacon!

Courage Campaign and our allies have launched an unprecedented step to take back our state government from corporate corruption. It's called the Big Oil Beacon, and it will shine a bright light on the toxic influence of the most powerful corporate lobbyists in Sacramento, while exposing the economic devastation facing Californians in specific legislators' districts. See whether your representative is working for YOU or Big Oil here.

Tell CA Legislators: Get the FRACK out of California!

With all the known health and environmental risks of hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a “fracking”), California, a supposed climate change leader, must change course on fracking! That’s why member-activists like you must have the courage to demand our state legislators support a statewide ban on fracking NOW. Tell your leaders in Sacramento to protect Californians from the dangers of fracking!

Success Stories

VICTORY: One step away from a major victory against the “War on Drugs”

Because of more than 13,000 Courage Campaign member-activists, the Local Control in Sentencing Act, SB 649, passed the Legislature and is now on Governor Brown’s desk. This historic and bi-partisan drug sentencing reform bill will save taxpayer dollars and reduce overcrowding in our prisons by allowing prosecutors to charge non-violent drug possession as a misdemeanor, rather than as a felony. However, we need your help to push this bill over the finish line.

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VICTORY: LIFE ACT passes CA Legislature

Courage Campaign led the fight for gun safety and the Legislature listened. The California Senate and Assembly passed the gun violence prevention package known as the LIFE (Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement) Act and now we need to urge Gov. Brown to stand up to the NRA and immediately sign this lifesaving legislation.

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PROGRESS: We stopped Gov. Brown's irresponsible prison expansion plan

Thousands of Courage Campaign member-activists and our coalition partners stood up to the most powerful politicians in the state and made it clear that endless expansion of prison capacity for the benefit of private corporations has no place in California. Our tsunami of opposition forced Gov. Brown to agree to a compromise plan that could prevent the state from wasting $715 million of precious taxpayer dollars -- which were promised to restore our schools and vital services under Prop 30 -- and instead open up more opportunities for inmate rehabilitation. It's all up to the court now. We need your help to continue to fight for saner, more fiscally responsible reform of California's vast and deeply corrupt prison-industrial complex.

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Learn the critical role Courage Campaign members played in passing prop. 30 and defeating prop. 32

The Courage Campaign was proud to play a historic role in the November 2012 General Election, from passing Proposition 30 -- bringing critical revenue and groundbreaking tax fairness to California -- to defeating the right wing, Citizen’s United unregulated secret money machine by beating back Proposition 32, to tremendous wins on marriage equality, including Washington State, to shaping the narrative on Romney’s record on LGBT issues.

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Raising Revenue: The Millionaires Tax of 2012

For eight months, Courage Campaign and a coalition of labor and community groups joined forces to raise desperately needed revenue for the Golden State. Through extensive polling and research, we developed a proposed California ballot initiative: the Millionaires Tax of 2012.

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Past Actions

Join the fight for fair opportunities for transgender students!

The National Organization of Marriage's (NOM) is attempting to repeal the historic School Success and Opportunity Act (AB 1266) -- a new law that provides fair opportunities for transgender students to participate and succeed in school -- with a referendum that will move forward, pending a full count of signatures, onto the ballot in November. We must get to work now and prepare our campaign with our fearless coalition partners so we are ready to fight back!

VOTE: Should Courage Campaign take on this fight?

We need your input before we gear up to take on the National Organization for Marriage (NOM)’s latest and most regressive attack against our transgender youth in California. They are currently gathering signatures for a 2014 ballot measure. If we’re going to act, we need to act now. As a member-driven organization, Courage Campaign must consult with our members before taking an official position on ballot measures. We need 60% of our members to agree with our staff recommendation.

VOTE to fight for an affordable San Francisco

Please help us decide whether or not to weigh in on the fight for affordable housing in San Francisco around the 8 Washington development. Read the pro and con arguments to Propositions B & C and let us know where you stand as a Courage member. As a member-driven organization, Courage Campaign must consult with our members before taking an official position on ballot measures. We need 60% of our members to agree with our staff recommendation.

Gov. Brown: Sign LIFE Act gun safety bills

Key bills from the LIFE (Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement) Act sit on Gov. Brown's desk -- including a loophole-free assault weapons ban and background checks for ammunition purchases. With the stroke of a pen, he could give California the smartest, safest gun laws in the nation, but he has a poor track record when it comes to gun safety. We must convince Gov. Brown to sign these laws to protect Californians from more senseless gun violence.

Gov. Brown: Show your commitment to progressive solutions to prison overcrowding. Sign SB 649.

SB 649 is a historic & bi-partisan drug sentencing reform bill that will save taxpayer dollars and reduce overcrowding in our prisons by allowing prosecutors to charge non-violent drug possession as a misdemeanor, rather than as a felony. Send an email to Gov. Brown urging him to sign SB 649 to help end the so-called “War on Drugs.”

Improve the accountability and transparency of California's elections

Help end "dark money" -- campaign contributions from undisclosed sources -- in California. Voters have a right to know who is funding our campaigns, ads and politicians. Pass the California DISCLOSE & Sunshine in Campaign Acts.

Save the L.A. Times from the Koch brothers

Stop the Los Angeles Times from becoming the next Fox News. Tell The Tribune Company "No sales to propagandists."

Protect Whistleblowers and Animals - Tell the Assembly to Reject AB 343

Photos and videos of animal abuse play an important role in exposing practices on factory farms. AB 343 would JAIL whistleblowers for recording the abuse of animals in California. Tell your member of the Assembly "No way, no on AB 343. No jail for whistleblowers."

Tell Gov. Jerry Brown to support full implementation of Obamacare

There's a new threat to Obamacare: Sacramento. Gov. Brown is holding up negotiations on the bill to expand Medicaid coverage to more than one million Californians. Some of his suggestions are worse than those made by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer!

Eight ways to stop CA's next school shooting

Close loopholes and make common sense reforms. Become a citizen co-sponsor of the LIFE Act. Eight bills that will make California's gun laws, the safest in the nation.

Billionaire Zombies Are Trying to Eat Your Brains

You might think that brain eating zombies are scary. But do you know what's really scary? Billionaire Zombies. That's right, billionaire zombies eating your brains with deceptive TV ads. Fight back by sharing the California Progressive Voter Guide with your friends and neighbors!

Our TV ad that could pass Prop. 30

Watch "A Child's World Without Prop. 30" and see a day in the life of a young girl if Prop. 30 does not pass. Right now, polls show Prop. 30 is barely over 50%. Share the ad so others know what's at stake.

Bradley Whitford explains Props 30 and 32

Check out this fantastic video featuring actor Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman on The West Wing) and Courage Campaign's Rick Jacobs explaining what's really going on and who's really behind Props. 30 and 32.

Was it the Koch Brothers or my Cokehead brother?

Watch our hilarious, unforgettable new ad to fight PROP 32! Then, help us put it on TV in California.