Success Stories

Helped delay and stop wage cuts to 200,000 state workers

When Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used the California budget crisis to slash the wages of nearly 200,000 state workers to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 per hour, the Courage Campaign delivered 28,016 petition signatures to the Governor, produced two online videos, organized a statewide conference call, and produced and aired a TV ad -- featuring Controller John Chiang -- in support of his efforts to eventually stop the wage cuts.

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"Yacht Tax Loophole" closed after "Yacht Party" TV ad campaign targeting Republicans

Inspired by a blogger's YouTube video, the Courage Campaign launched "Yacht Party" -- a 30-second TV ad re-branding California Republicans as the "Yacht Party" for refusing to close a "yacht tax" loophole despite California's massive $16 billion state budget deficit.

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Prevented "Dirty Tricks" California Ballot Initiative

The Courage Campaign waged a preemptive online organizing campaign ( in collaboration with prominent bloggers and celebrities to frame public debate on a "dirty trick" California ballot initiative. Crafted by Swift-Boat-style consultants, this initiative to force California to allocate at least 20 Electoral College votes to the Republican nominee eventually collapsed for lack of funding.

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