Past Actions

The Human Cost of the Foreclosure Crisis (VIDEO)

Responsible, middle-class families have been devastated by the unethical and abusive practices of the Big Banks throughout the mortgage crisis. Countless tragedies lie in the wake of their greed and recklessness, but the story of Norman and Oriane Rousseau of Newbury Park, CA is the saddest, most upsetting story we've yet come across. Only the words of Oriane can do it justice.

Make this Plane Fly Over John Boehner's Head

While House Speaker Boehner plays golf at Pelican Hill Resort & Golf Club to raise money from fat cats, Americans continue to go jobless. Boehner has no jobs plan and won't even hold a vote on President Obama's American Jobs Act, which leading, independent economists say would create 2 million jobs.

Demand House Republicans Vote on the American Jobs Act

House Republicans refuse to help the millions of Americans out of work. They want to keep the economy in the gutter through next year's election. Speaker Boehner won't even hold a vote on the American Jobs Act! We need to make him. Join the Courage Campaign and hold Republicans accountable.

Courage Campaign and allies call on Sen. Casey to support DOMA repeal

30 Senators support repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, but Sen. Casey isn't one of them. Sign our open letter to Sen. Casey asking him to support DOMA repeal!

We WON folks! We beat the Big Banks because of you!

California's Attorney General has rejected the bogus 50 state settlement pushed by the big banks. Nearly 10,000 Courage Campaign members supported Kamala Harris in her fight. We've got the banks on the run, please donate to help us finish the job!

The FAIR Education Act!

Courage Campaign produced an amazing video of the movement for equality and how important it is that we don't erase LGBT history. Watch this video and sign up for our campaign to keep the divisive referendum to repeal SB 48 off the ballot.

Demand PG&E Implement Safety Changes

The National Transportation Safety Board has found that Pacific Gas and Electric is to blame for the San Bruno disaster. The NTSB also issued 29 recommendations to prevent another disaster. Demand PG&E implement those changes immediately.

Courage Campaign and allies call on Sen. Mikulski to support DOMA repeal

Courage Campaign, along with Equality Maryland and Freedom to Marry, penned a letter to Sen. Mikulski, noting how the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) impacts same-sex Maryland couples and calling on her to join Sen. Cardin in co-sponsoring Sen. Feinstein's bill, the Respect for Marriage Act, to repeal DOMA. Sign in support!

Tens of thousands of Courage members stand with Dan Choi during his trial

After the federal government decided to pursue what Judge Facciola called "vindictive prosecution" by bringing Choi up on minor charges in federal court, Courage's Rick Jacobs penned a letter to Judge Facciola calling on him to consider Choi's selfless acts of heroism in deciding the case. Tens of thousands of Courage Campaign members co-signed Rick's letter on behalf of Dan.

Tell Darrell Issa: Put your investments in a private trust

As the wealthiest member of Congress, Rep. Issa has an obligation to ensure his investments do not sway his judgment. Like so many other members of Congress, Issa should put his investments in a blind trust.

Tell President Obama: Jobs, not cuts

President Obama's giving a "major speech" in early September on jobs. But according to the Washington Post, the President "will also lay out a plan to trim far more from the federal debt than the $1.5 trillion target of a congressional 'super committee.'" Tell President Obama to stick to jobs, not cuts.

Kaiser to raise rates on teachers

With teacher layoffs around the state, should Kaiser really be raising insurance rates on school boards and teachers? Sign our petition telling Kaiser to reconsider the rate hikes on teachers.

What are your priorities?

For nearly six years, Courage Campaign has worked to bring full equality and progressive change to California and America. Members drive and support Courage Campaign. Now, Courage is asking members how we're doing in this short survey.

End the Madness!

Take the pledge to End the Madness of Tea Party control. They hate government and want to destroy it. Sign up now to join the campaign to save the American Dream.

Protect the FAIR Education Act!

The same crowd who passed Prop 8 are now trying to erase LGBT people from the history books. Sign up to protect the FAIR Education Act!

Tell President Obama: We have your back on 14th Amendment

The Republican Party is on track to drive our economy off the cliff over the debt negotiations. Rep. John Garamendi is sending an open letter to President Obama letting him know that progressives have his back if he chooses to invoke the 14th Amendment.