Courage Campaign Success Stories

Victory! Blue Cross suspends discriminatory medication policy for HIV/AIDS patients

When Anthem Blue Cross decided to unethically change their policies for HIV/AIDS patients to make a few bucks, we at Courage were outraged. Joining with Consumer Watchdog, we ratcheted up the pressure by reaching out to the media and to our members.

Less than 48 hours after we began our campaign, they suspended their policy to force HIV/AIDS customers in California to get life-saving drugs through the mail. This is an important victory -- not just for patients who had their privacy and their health threatened after being shut out of long term relationships with skilled pharmacists. This is proof positive that when we we stand together, the insurance industry runs scared.

The fight against big insurance is still far from over. Courage will continue to fight for comprehensive coverage for everyone in California with a single-payer. Only the single payer healthcare system will ensure that people come before profits when it comes to lifesaving care.