Courage Campaign Success Stories

VICTORY: One step closer to drug sentencing reform

Thanks to Courage Campaign's work against the so-called "War on Drugs," we're halfway toward passing major drug sentencing reform.

Senate Bill 649 passed out of the California Senate. Bill author Sen. Mark Leno brought it to the floor in a surprise move, but everyone in that chamber knew that 10,153 Courage Campaign members were behind it.

Our next challenge will be passing it through the Assembly, and it will not be easy. We only had two votes to spare in the Senate, and the prison profiteers will have their lobbyists out in force. We need more Californians to raise their voices and call on their representatives to stand against the "War on Drugs." Join us here.

SB 649 will reduce overcrowding in our prisons by allowing prosecutors to charge non-violent drug possession as a misdemeanor, rather than as a felony. It would free up funds currently supporting jails to be used for drug treatment instead. Please note: sentencing for drug trafficking and more serious crimes would remain unchanged.