Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT)

In 2009, 141,262 members of Courage Campaign signed a petition to President Obama, urging him not to fire Lt. Dan Choi. On Feb 11th, 2010, Courage convened a special member conference call with Sen. Gillibrand and Choi to talk strategy. In November, Courage Campaign joined with Rep. Patrick Murphy to collect nearly 70,000 letters of support from veterans used them to lobby Congress. In December, over 1,000 members joined Rep. Murphy for a conference call on things they could do to win repeal. Courage then drove hundreds of calls to the remaining key 9 Senators. 5 of them ended up supporting repeal.

Past Actions

Join Rep. Patrick Murphy and Courage: Tell Senate leadership to hold DADT vote before time runs out!

Veterans Day coming up on Thursday and only a few weeks left until the Senate’s lame-duck session ends, the clock is running out on on repeal -- perhaps for years to come. Now we're asking you to help me finish the job. With the lame-duck session starting Monday, we need you to sign the our petition today:

Tens of thousands of Courage members stand with Dan Choi during his trial

After the federal government decided to pursue what Judge Facciola called "vindictive prosecution" by bringing Choi up on minor charges in federal court, Courage's Rick Jacobs penned a letter to Judge Facciola calling on him to consider Choi's selfless acts of heroism in deciding the case. Tens of thousands of Courage Campaign members co-signed Rick's letter on behalf of Dan.