Elections & Campaign Finance Reform

Every American citizen’s inalienable right to vote in free and fair elections continues to be under threat on numerous fronts, from restrictive voting laws in various states to the ever-growing influence of corporations and the wealthy on our democracy. Courage Campaign organizes to make our elections process more accessible, transparent, and responsive to the will of the American people.

Current Actions

Join the "March for Democracy" as it makes its way to Sacramento

Courageous protesters are marching -- 480 miles from Los Angeles to Sacramento -- to raise awareness and mobilize the public around the issue of big money corruption in politics. Can you come out and join them even for one day? They'll be reaching the Capitol on June 22nd. JOIN THEM!

Success Stories

47,153 "Double Bubble" ballots counted following campaign to turnout 1.1 million DTS voters

The Courage Campaign waged a massive multimedia campaign to target 1.1 million independent "Decline-to-State" voters in California's Democratic Party primary on Super Tuesday and then won an unprecedented voting rights victory after tens of thousands of Los Angeles County voters were disenfranchised by a flawed "double bubble" ballot.

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Past Actions

Tell The Lincoln Club: No racist politics in San Diego!

The Lincoln Club -- a wealthy right-wing political group -- launched a racist attack ad against mayoral candidate David Alvarez just weeks before the special election to replace the Mayor of San Diego. Their refusal to disavow and stop this despicable ad campaign is pure cowardice, plain and simple. SIGN THE PETITION to demand the Lincoln Club have the courage to end their racist ad campaign immediately and apologize to David Alvarez and the public for their wrongdoing.

Improve the accountability and transparency of California's elections

Help end "dark money" -- campaign contributions from undisclosed sources -- in California. Voters have a right to know who is funding our campaigns, ads and politicians. Pass the California DISCLOSE & Sunshine in Campaign Acts.

Tell Congress: Move Election Day to the Weekend

Voting on a Tuesday is a relic from 1845 based on what worked best for farmers. Today only 55% of Americans vote! Studies show that other countries have dramatically higher rates of turnout -- up to 70 and 80 percent -- when Election Day is on a weekend or holiday.

Help more Americans Vote. Tell Congress to Pass the Weekend Voting Act!

The United States ranks 138th (out of 172 countries) in voter participation. Unacceptable. Embarassing even. Part of the reason for this fact is that our current election system is based on what made the most sense for farmers in 1845. We think it's time for an update, don't you?