Ending Gun Violence

In response to recent mass shootings and the fact that 33 Americans are murdered by guns every day, Courage Campaign members demand meaningful action to end gun violence. We are pursuing multiple avenues of reform, including California's LIFE Act (of which Courage is a sponsor) and collaborating with partners around the country to help end America’s epidemic of gun violence, while respecting Second Amendment rights.

Current Actions

Tell CA Legislators: Help prevent another mass shooting in California

California may have the strongest gun laws in the nation, but the recent shooting rampage in Isla Vista reminds us that we must do even more to prevent gun violence. And now we have an opportunity to address the specific instances that led to the Isla Vista tragedy -- by making sure people at risk for violence do not have immediate access to firearms.

Success Stories

VICTORY: California teachers get their money out of guns!

California teachers just had a major victory in our fight to prevent gun violence, and it is thanks in no small part to thousands of Courage members like you who signed on to support them. Earlier this month, CalSTRS, the largest teachers’ pension fund in the world, successfully divested $500 million from gun manufacturer Remington Outdoors.

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VICTORY: LIFE ACT passes CA Legislature

Courage Campaign led the fight for gun safety and the Legislature listened. The California Senate and Assembly passed the gun violence prevention package known as the LIFE (Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement) Act and now we need to urge Gov. Brown to stand up to the NRA and immediately sign this lifesaving legislation.

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VICTORY: LIFE Act passes California Senate

Thanks to YOUR support of the Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement (LIFE) Act, California is now 33% percent of the way toward the safest, smartest gun laws in the country. All eight bills that make up the LIFE Act have passed the State Senate, and one (SB 140) has already been signed into law by Gov. Brown. Next up, the Assembly.

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Senate Judiciary Committee passes Sen. Feinstein's assault weapon ban!

After over 60,000 Courage members made calls, sent e-mails, gave money and mobilized their friends, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed Sen. Feinstein's legislation banning assault weapons. Now we need your support to pass this legislation in the full Senate.

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President Obama endorses assault weapons ban during State of the Union

It was unclear if President Obama would continue to push for the assault weapons ban in his State of the Union address after NRA attacks and a complaints from weak-kneed Democrats. Courage members called on the president to stand strong and he did. Become a monthly donor to Courage and give us the resources to keep fighting.

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Past Actions

Hold Gov. Brown Accountable for Vetoing LIFE Act

Governor Brown VETOED the LIFE (Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement) Act, including a bill that would have created the nation's first loophole-free assault weapons ban. He chose to put craven political considerations above the safety and well-being of California’s more than 38 million residents. Please donate so we can make sure Gov. Brown hears your voice, as we share the stories of Californians lost to gun violence and educate him about the value of gun safety.

Gov. Brown: Sign LIFE Act gun safety bills

Key bills from the LIFE (Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement) Act sit on Gov. Brown's desk -- including a loophole-free assault weapons ban and background checks for ammunition purchases. With the stroke of a pen, he could give California the smartest, safest gun laws in the nation, but he has a poor track record when it comes to gun safety. We must convince Gov. Brown to sign these laws to protect Californians from more senseless gun violence.

Tell Senate Dems: No background checks, no donations

Four Democrats just voted against universal background checks for gun purchases. Background checks are supported by more than 90% of Americans, and three of these Senators are up for re-election in 2014. Pledge: "I won't donate a dime or lift a finger for any Democrat who opposes universal background checks -- or any party committee like the DSCC or DNC that spends money to get them elected."

No one's ever done this at an NRA rally

On April 16th, the NRA is going to descend on the Capitol in Sacramento expecting to enjoy another day spouting lies and waving signs that depict President Obama as a dictator. Well, we've got a surprise for them. Air Courage is on the way, and it will make them face the facts. 61% of California support stronger guns laws like the LIFE (Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement) Act. So, we're going to fly a plane with a banner that says "61% WANT STRONGER GUN LAWS = LIFE ACT". Can you help get this banner in the air?

Eight ways to stop CA's next school shooting

Close loopholes and make common sense reforms. Become a citizen co-sponsor of the LIFE Act. Eight bills that will make California's gun laws, the safest in the nation.

Demand the Senate Judiciary Committee Pass ALL Four Gun Safety Bills

Will real gun safety reform move forward, or will the Senate Judiciary Committee kill it? Please take a minute, call, and ask your Senator to support all four bills. We’ll provide the phone number and a sample script.

Tell Democrats: Set the bar high on gun safety

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee can use their majority to pass every gun safety bill onto the full Senate. Tell them NOT to back down.

President Obama: Call for the assault weapons ban in the State of the Union

Next Tuesday, President Obama will make his State of the Union address, outlining his legislative priorities. Is the assault weapons ban one of them? Ask him to say so loud and clear.

Walmart: Stop Selling Assault Rifles

The world's largest retailer -- and America's largest gun dealer -- could make a good faith effort to help stop gun violence by joining Dick's Sporting Goods in voluntarily stopping sales of assault weapons. Tell Walmart: "Put public safety ahead of profit and stop selling assault weapons."

Co-Sponsor the New Assault Weapons Ban

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is authoring a new ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammo, but she needs our help.

Pass a New Ban on Assault Weapons

Courage Campaign is leading a campaign to ban assault weapons, expose the NRA as a fraud, and pass common sense laws to end gun violence, like closing the gun show loophole. If this isn't worth a few bucks, what is? Please chip in.