Healthcare Reform

Courage Campaign believes that a for-profit healthcare system will forever be flawed and that the only truly just system would be single-payer, such as Medicare for all. As we pursue that goal, we will continue to organize health care system that serves everyone with compassion, efficiency and fairness.

Current Actions

SIGN ON to support #Health4All!

A majority of Californians support expanding Medi-Cal and Covered California to include all low-income Californians, regardless of their immigration status. Why? Because providing EVERYONE access to affordable, quality health coverage is not only the right thing to do, it is also cost-effective, and good for the economy and the health of our state.

Tell Kaiser CEO: Stop putting patients’ lives in danger!

Kaiser Permanente -- California’s largest health insurer -- CONTINUES to willfully put the lives of mental health patients at risk by not providing timely care. And Kaiser's workers have had enough! After exhausting every tactic, 3,000 mental health workers -- represented by the National Union of Healthcare Workers -- are going on strike! And we need to have their backs, JOIN US!

Ask Blue Shield: Where are my tickets to the 49ers skybox?

If Blue Shield is going to play games with our money, then we are going to play games with them! The so-called “non-profit” insurance company just bought a $2.5 million luxury skybox at the 49ers' new Levi’s stadium with YOUR health care premiums and tax dollars. They claim that the skybox is for “customer events,” but we aren’t buying it. If Blue Shield is going to party in box seats all season using our hard-earned money, we think it’s worth asking for an invite. Don’t you?

Ask Attorney General Kamala Harris: Block health insurers from wasting taxpayer dollars

Blue Shield just bought a $2.5 million luxury skybox at the 49ers' brand spanking new Levi’s stadium with Californians' healthcare premiums and tax dollars! Healthcare insurers, like Blue Shield, are abusing their "non-profit” tax status by spending billions of taxpayer dollars -- in corporate tax breaks and rising premiums -- on lavish entertainment for corporate VIPs and hefty bonuses for company executives, not patient care. Attorney General Kamala Harris has the authority to hold insurers accountable.

Tell Congress: Drop Hobby Lobby or we’ll drop you!

The Supreme Court's "Hobby Lobby" decision -- which gave employers the right to impose their religious beliefs on employees and stripped the right to affordable birth control from women -- was one of the largest setbacks for women's health in decades. We must act now and demand our leaders in Washington stand up for the rights of women and support a bill that was just introduced to override the disastrous Hobby Lobby decision.

Demand Google, Facebook & Yelp cut their ties with ALEC!

Google, Facebook and Yelp just teamed up with the anti-Obamacare, right-wing extremist group ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) -- who are behind ultra-conservative legislation like the controversial “Stand Your Ground” gun laws and discriminatory Voter I.D. laws. Major corporations like Wal-Mart, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonalds, and Amazon have already had the courage to drop ALEC due to the organization’s ultra-conservative and controversial agenda. DEMAND Google, Facebook, and Yelp show the same courage and cut all ties with this anti-Obamacare extremist group immediately!

Rep. Issa could make Target’s security breach look like child's play

Rep. Issa -- the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee -- subpoenaed confidential documents from the federal contractor behind the healthcare exchange website despite repeated and explicit warnings, effectively putting millions of Americans’ privacy at risk. Rep. Issa has a history of leaking sensitive documents, and as an opponent to the law, he's looking to scare people away from using the website. SIGN THE PETITION telling Rep. Issa to not jeopardize the security of by exposing these sensitive documents.

DEMAND Whole Foods' CEO Stop Spreading Lies about Obamacare

Whole Foods' CEO, John Mackey, has been using his position as head of one of the most respected companies in America to promote anti-Obamacare lies and deter people from signing up for life-saving health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Fight back against this kind of confusing misinformation and SIGN THE PETITION to demand John Mackey stop misleading Americans.

The Obamacare Reality Response Team

'Generation Opportunity,' a Koch Brothers funded front group, is using highly polished, deceptive, anti-Obamacare ad campaigns to target college students on campus and young working Americans to get them to opt out of the Affordable Care Act. Join our Obamacare Reality Response Team and help stop the Koch Brothers from using their misleading and lying ads to destroy Obamacare!

Success Stories

PROGRESS: Governor Brown agrees to help provide healthcare to undocumented children!

Thanks to thousands of Courage Campaign members who signed on to support #Health4All, Governor Brown just agreed to provide healthcare to undocumented children. While we should hold our heads high from this historic win, we must keep fighting to help provide healthcare to hardworking, undocumented adults who still lack access to affordable healthcare.

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Californians alerted to fake Obamacare website

More than 45,000 Courage Campaign members called out California Republicans for their shameful use of taxpayer dollars to create a fake Obamacare website, which was covered by news outlets like ABC News, NPR, MSNBC, and more! The GOP is intentionally promoting misleading or outright false information -- and avoiding basic facts and benefits -- in an effort to confuse their own constituents. Republicans know that confused people will be less likely to sign up for health coverage. They failed to stop Obamacare in every other way, so now they have lowered themselves to what the Sacramento Bee called "perverse and insidious" tactics. Join the Obamacare Reality Response Team today to spread the truth about the Affordable Care Act and fight back against lies like this.

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Victory! Blue Cross suspends discriminatory medication policy for HIV/AIDS patients

Less than 48 hours after Courage members and Citizen Watchdog voiced strong opposition to a discriminatory policy change by Anthem Blue Cross, they reversed their decision. Online activists knocked one of the biggest healthcare giants in California on its heels, proving their muscle.

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Thousands of Courage Campaign members force insurance giant to halt premium increase

Thousands of Courage Campaign members successfully urged Blue Shield to delay rate increases on policyholders throughout the state. The insurance giant had proposals that would affect up to 200,000 Californians, in some cases by as much as 59 percent.

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Past Actions

Demand CA Republicans shut down their fake, misleading Obamacare website

It's outrageous that Republican legislators in California are using taxpayer dollars to intentionally mislead their constituents, sow fear and confusion, and divert Californians away from -- California's health insurance exchange under Obamacare. They must take down the site immediately.

Tell Gov. Jerry Brown to support full implementation of Obamacare

There's a new threat to Obamacare: Sacramento. Gov. Brown is holding up negotiations on the bill to expand Medicaid coverage to more than one million Californians. Some of his suggestions are worse than those made by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer!

Blue Cross: Discrimination against patients with HIV or AIDS is intolerable.

Recently, Blue Cross required HIV/AIDS patients to end relationships with their local pharmacists starting March 1. Instead, they'll have to start receiving the drugs that keep them alive from a nameless, faceless mail-order pharmacy. Why? So Blue Cross can make more money.

Kaiser Permanente's breaking the law. Tell Gov. Brown to Investigate!

Whistleblowers have risked their careers to contribute to a report describing an unmistakable pattern of illegal and deceptive practices in Kaiser Permanente's delivery of mental health services. Click to demand Gov. Brown push for an investigation!

We Stopped Blue Shield’s Outrageous Rate Hike.

UPDATE: Rather than fight against each and every outrageous health insurance rate increase, we're mobilizing around a ballot measure in 2014 that would give the State Insurance Commissioner the power to reject unjustified rate increases. Donate to our efforts and we'll contact you as the campaign heats up.

Kaiser to raise rates on teachers

With teacher layoffs around the state, should Kaiser really be raising insurance rates on school boards and teachers? Sign our petition telling Kaiser to reconsider the rate hikes on teachers.

Demand Gov. Brown Support an Investigation into Kaiser's Mental Health Services

Whistleblowers have risked their careers to contribute to “Care Delayed, Care Denied,” a report describing an unmistakable pattern of illegal and deceptive practices in Kaiser's delivery of mental health services. (Read the full report here.)