Current Actions

Tell Gov. Brown and CA lawmakers: Support immigrant families with One California

California has an opportunity to emerge as a national leader on immigration, help contribute up to $27.5 billion dollars to the state's economy, and lift over 40,000 children out of poverty through One California. One California is a $20 million proposal that helps provide education, outreach, and support to immigrants in CA who are eligible for citizenship or relief from deportation.

Tell Congress: Don’t send children back into a war-zone

Our country is facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Thousands of starving and traumatized children have fled to our borders seeking refuge from Central American countries devastated by extreme drug and gang violence. And now Congress is trying to pass a bill that would fast track the deportation of these innocent children. We must have the courage to protect them.

Demand California's Republican Congressmen support real immigration reform

Our immigration system is broken. It's forcing our friends and neighbors to live in the shadows, reducing economic growth, and making the American Dream a criminal offense. Rather than rely on votes from House members in Mississippi or Iowa, California's 15 Republican members of Congress must get on board, especially since 90% of Californians support a path to citizenship.

Success Stories

PROGRESS: Governor Brown agrees to help provide healthcare to undocumented children!

Thanks to thousands of Courage Campaign members who signed on to support #Health4All, Governor Brown just agreed to provide healthcare to undocumented children. While we should hold our heads high from this historic win, we must keep fighting to help provide healthcare to hardworking, undocumented adults who still lack access to affordable healthcare.

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VICTORY: Governor Brown approves a budget for One California!

Governor Brown just signed the California budget and included $15 million for the One California proposal. Thanks to the courage of over 14,000 members and activists, eligible immigrants will now get the support they need to apply for DACA, DAPA and citizenship, which will ultimately help contribute up to $27.5 billion dollars to the state's economy, keep families together, and lift over 40,000 children out of poverty. Celebrate this historic win by sharing the news on Facebook!

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Past Actions

Tell Sen. Feinstein: Fight for PROGRESSIVE immigration reform

News just broke that Sen. Feinstein (D-CA) helped broker a key deal between farmworkers and growers on immigration reform. Thank her and ask her to use her influence to push PROGRESSIVE principles going forward.