Mitt Gets Worse

In the summer of 2012, Courage Campaign SuperPAC and American Bridge 21st Century launched the Mitt Gets Worse campaign, a public education effort to inform voters about Mitt Romney’s record concerning LGBT equality. Courage and Bridge designed, launched (a historical Facebook “timeline” of Mitt’s worsening record on LGBT equality since 1994), and recruited noteworthy voices from Massachusetts during Romney’s tenure as governor to record videos documenting Romney’s record. These videos generated nationwide earned media in such outlets as the Boston Globe, US News and World Report, ABC News, MSNBC/NBC First Read, and more.

Past Actions

Tell the Log Cabin Republicans: Don't endorse Romney/Ryan!

In 2004, the Log Cabin Republicans withheld their endorsement from President Bush because of his support for a Federal Marriage Amendment and other anti-gay policies. There is no daylight between Bush and the Romney/Ryan ticket -- Romney and Ryan would set our movement for full LGBT equality back decades. Join the Mitt Gets Worse campaign in respectfully calling on the Log Cabin Republicans to withhold their endorsement from the Romney/Ryan campaign!

Courage Campaign Super PAC launches

Courage Campaign Super PAC launched, a partnership with American Bridge 21st Century. will tell the story of Mitt's record of lies and flip-flopping on LGBT equality dating back to 1994 through oral history, a Facebook timeline and other tools.