The Economy & Job Creation

Courage Campaign organizes in support of various policies to support economic justice and a robust middle class. We believe in economic growth in which the benefits are enjoyed by all Americans, not just the wealthy. In the past, we have worked to close outrageous tax loopholes, supported progressive tax initiatives, and encouraged legislation that would create jobs.

Current Actions

SIGN ON to support #Health4All!

A majority of Californians support expanding Medi-Cal and Covered California to include all low-income Californians, regardless of their immigration status. Why? Because providing EVERYONE access to affordable, quality health coverage is not only the right thing to do, it is also cost-effective, and good for the economy and the health of our state.

Sign the petition for debt-free college

Our goal is for presidential candidates and the entire Democratic Party to make debt-free college central to 2016 messaging -- and it's working. Presidential candidates are starting to talk about the issue. But we need your help to build on this momentum!

Tell Sacramento: Pay Homecare Workers the Overtime they Deserve

Homecare workers have waited 76 years to receive the federal labor protections that most workers take for granted. Last year, CA passed a budget to allow homecare workers to receive overtime pay. However, the state has since delayed its implementation. Join us to stand with homecare workers and demand our state leaders grant them the overtime pay they were promised. These are some of the hardest working Californians in some of the most challenging jobs around. They deserve every penny.

Tell CA Legislators: Stop outrageous CEO pay!

In the past few decades, CEO compensation has skyrocketed to as much as 354 times more than their average worker, while workers’ wages have stagnated to some of the lowest levels in our nation’s history. Senate Bill 1372 is an important first step to combat this growing disparity by creating a tax structure that rewards companies that have a reasonable CEO-to-worker pay ratio, while increasing taxes on companies with excessive wage gaps.

President Obama: Boost the Economy by Lifting 2 Million Workers to a Living Wage

In January, President Obama declared that all Americans deserve a living wage. Now, he has the opportunity to quickly and easily make that happen for 2,000,000 Americans by issuing an executive order to require all federal contractors to comply with the Service Contract Act.

Tell Congress: "Raise the minimum wage."

In the wealthiest nation on earth, no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty. Tell Congress to raise the minimum wage!

Success Stories

PROGRESS: Governor Brown agrees to help provide healthcare to undocumented children!

Thanks to thousands of Courage Campaign members who signed on to support #Health4All, Governor Brown just agreed to provide healthcare to undocumented children. While we should hold our heads high from this historic win, we must keep fighting to help provide healthcare to hardworking, undocumented adults who still lack access to affordable healthcare.

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VICTORY: Governor Brown approves a budget for One California!

Governor Brown just signed the California budget and included $15 million for the One California proposal. Thanks to the courage of over 14,000 members and activists, eligible immigrants will now get the support they need to apply for DACA, DAPA and citizenship, which will ultimately help contribute up to $27.5 billion dollars to the state's economy, keep families together, and lift over 40,000 children out of poverty. Celebrate this historic win by sharing the news on Facebook!

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VICTORY: You spoke, the President listened!

More than ten thousand Courage Campaign members demanded President Obama overcome the gridlock in Congress and sign an executive order to increase the minimum wage for federal contract workers. And during the President's State of the Union address, he delivered! This victory is why Courage Campaign exists, but we can only continue to do this work with the support of courageous members like you. Donate today so we can keep taking on fights like this!

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Making Mayor Lee Listen

Our petition demanding Mayor Lee take action to address the cost of living in San Francisco got overwhelming media attention thanks in part to a mention of "$4 toast." After the San Francisco Chronicle featured it on its homepage for more than a day, SFist and Curbed(SF) joined in. We clearly got the Mayor's attention, and now we need to make sure he takes meaningful action to help make San Francisco affordable for everyone once again. Click here to join the fight.

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Victory on Props B & C

Together with our friends at ACCE, we helped defeat Props B and C in San Francisco thanks to our Progressive Voter Guide! More than 62% of voters rejected a ritzy development on the waterfront that would have only catered to multi-millionaires, while doing little to address San Francisco's affordable housing crisis. Now, Mayor Ed Lee needs to focus on making the city affordable for everyone. Click here to send him a message.

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Past Actions

Demand Congress Fund Food Stamps for Needy Kids this Thanksgiving

As the economy continues to struggle, millions of needy families in the U.S. rely on food stamps to survive. Food stamps have already been cut earlier this year and House Republicans want nearly $40 billion in cuts next year! Click here to tell your member of Congress not to make any more cuts to this vital program.

Tell the Dept. of Education: Investigate predatory lending to students & schools

Public universities and community colleges are drowning in debt to Wall Street due to predatory loans, and the schools have responded by passing the cost of these bad loans on to students in the form of HIGHER tuition fees. We need the Dept. of Education to investigate this predatory lending now and you can help make it happen by clicking here!

San Diego & ALEC Don't Mix

San Diego does NOT need a right-wing conservative legislation factory like ALEC writing laws for our city. This is what ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) has done in states like Wisconsin with "Right-to-Work" and Florida with "Stand Your Ground," each proposed by ALEC and lobbied for in state legislatures across the country. Who supports ALEC? Big name conservatives like Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and here in San Diego -- Nathan Fletcher.

Tell Speaker Boehner: Don’t kick abused women onto the street. End the GOP Shutdown.

Speaker Boehner's shutdown is kicking ABUSED WOMEN onto the street. Domestic violence shelters and rape crisis programs across the country have begun losing the federal funding they need to keep their doors open, forcing out vulnerable women and children. SIGN THE PETITION HERE.

Tell California's Senators to Stand Up to the GOP and Support Filibuster Reform

Republicans continue to use archaic filibuster rules to prevent critical presidential nominations at historically unprecedented levels. They are determined to kill Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s inspiration -- the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- by filibustering the nomination of Richard Cordray to lead the agency. California Senators need to stand up to the GOP and support Harry Reid’s filibuster reform efforts.

End Big Oil's free pass in California

California is the 4th-largest oil-producing state, but it is the ONLY state that does NOT have an oil extraction tax. We could raise $2 billion per year to begin repairing the damage of previous cuts to public education. Study after study shows that since oil is a global market, this will have no affect of gas prices, despite the lies of ExxonMobil and Chevron.

Tell your Representative: "Stand with Bernie: No cuts to Social Security."

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is not going to let President Obama cut Social Security. Demand that your Member of Congress stand with him!

The Big Banks must stop the payday loan scam

The Big Banks’ latest scam: working with payday lenders to intentionally overdraft customer’s account and collect millions in overdraft fees. Federal regulators can stop this — tell them to close the loophole now.

So that's why no bankers went to jail

"Too Big to Jail". That's the message Attorney General Eric Holder just gave the Senate about the big banks. It's his job to prosecute criminals, he needs to get to work.

Tell California's Republicans: Dump Grover Norquist

Prominent national Republicans are finally realizing they were elected to serve their constituents, not to honor a silly anti-tax pledge made to Grover Norquist -- the infamous lobbyist. Will California's GOP representatives follow their lead? Demand an answer from them!