Wednesday, 17 July 2013

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Courage Campaign Demands Gov. Brown Open Investigation into Mass Sterilizations of Women in California Prisons

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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - According to reports by the Los Angeles Times and other media outlets this week, more than 150 women have undergone sterilization in California prisons without the required approval of the state medical committee between 2005 and 2010. The sterilizations were not medically necessary and the victims report that they were coerced into the procedure.

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In response, the California-based has launched a campaign demanding Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) open an investigation into the mass sterilizations of imprisoned women, and propose specific recommendations to prevent further forced sterilizations by September 15th. 


“We demand answers -- the idea of forced sterilizations bring up the worst of eugenics and of 1939 Germany, not 2013 California,” explained Sarah Callahan, of who started the petition on’s online petition platform. “Involuntarily removing a woman’s ovaries or pressuring her into a sterilization while incarcerated is absolutely unacceptable.”

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