Success Stories

Sen. Mikulski becomes 30th Senator to co-sponsor Respect for Marriage Act!

After Courage Campaign, Equality Maryland, Freedom to Marry and 3,000 Marylanders called on Sen. Mikulski to co-sponsor the Respect for Marriage Act, and our staff delivered signatures to her office amid Hurricane Irene, Sen. Mikulski became the 30th Senator to support Sen. Feinstein's bill. This puts us halfway to the 60 votes we need in the U.S. Senate.

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Obama Endorses Respect for Marriage Act

After 25,000+ Courage Campaign members called on President Obama to endorse the Respect for Marriage Act, WH Press Secretary Jay Carney announced that the President formally endorses the bill!

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Thousands of Courage Campaign members force insurance giant to halt premium increase

Thousands of Courage Campaign members successfully urged Blue Shield to delay rate increases on policyholders throughout the state. The insurance giant had proposals that would affect up to 200,000 Californians, in some cases by as much as 59 percent.

Read More passes 4 million views, 93,000 comments, live-blogging brings transparency to the courtroom.

Through live-blogging, comprehensive coverage of breaking news, and expert commentary on the trial, Courage Campaign Institute's Prop 8 Trial Tracker has brought transparency to the courtroom, gaining 4 million views and 93,000 comments.

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Video from Camp Courage East LA: Historic bilingual training attracts more than 200 participants

When the history of marriage equality in California is written, one significant turning point will be Camp Courage East Los Angeles -- an unprecedented bilingual marriage equality training event in East LA that attracted more than 200 participants representing the deep diversity of the marriage equality movement. Camp Courage East LA followed tremendously successful events in Los Angeles, Fresno, San Diego and Oakland.

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"California's Sarah Palin" radio ads make a big splash

Meg Whitman aired radio ads across the state, trying to present herself as a moderate to Californians. But when it comes to global warming, she is just another Sarah Palin. Courage Campaign members helped produce and air a radio ad across California to hold Meg Whitman accountable -- and we got Whitman's attention in the process.

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47,153 "Double Bubble" ballots counted following campaign to turnout 1.1 million DTS voters

The Courage Campaign waged a massive multimedia campaign to target 1.1 million independent "Decline-to-State" voters in California's Democratic Party primary on Super Tuesday and then won an unprecedented voting rights victory after tens of thousands of Los Angeles County voters were disenfranchised by a flawed "double bubble" ballot.

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Helped delay and stop wage cuts to 200,000 state workers

When Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used the California budget crisis to slash the wages of nearly 200,000 state workers to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 per hour, the Courage Campaign delivered 28,016 petition signatures to the Governor, produced two online videos, organized a statewide conference call, and produced and aired a TV ad -- featuring Controller John Chiang -- in support of his efforts to eventually stop the wage cuts.

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"Yacht Tax Loophole" closed after "Yacht Party" TV ad campaign targeting Republicans

Inspired by a blogger's YouTube video, the Courage Campaign launched "Yacht Party" -- a 30-second TV ad re-branding California Republicans as the "Yacht Party" for refusing to close a "yacht tax" loophole despite California's massive $16 billion state budget deficit.

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Prevented "Dirty Tricks" California Ballot Initiative

The Courage Campaign waged a preemptive online organizing campaign ( in collaboration with prominent bloggers and celebrities to frame public debate on a "dirty trick" California ballot initiative. Crafted by Swift-Boat-style consultants, this initiative to force California to allocate at least 20 Electoral College votes to the Republican nominee eventually collapsed for lack of funding.

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